Sunday, November 27, 2005

Let the Od(d)essy Begin

My tricked-out, raised (for weight distribution) 4x4 1993 Geo Metro (with rear and passenger seats removed for girth, and FLAMES painted on the side, signifying Zibby-type speed) is packed. I'm mentally focused for the trip. I'm about to set out for Tempe Arizona, home of the Sun Devils and soon to be home the Sons of Erin!! The lads will take over the desert, and I shall ensure that all is ready for their arrival. They need CLEAN SHEETS at the hotel and PLENTY OF TROPICANA ORANGE JUICE and the Genius Robot needs a place for tune ups and the like!! I shall ensure the preparations. It will take a lot of hard work to get Tempe ready for the lads and the robot genius, but I shall get it done.

If anyone else is there, and if you see me zoom by in the craft below, at top speeds of up to 23 mph, PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE WAY....I am likely on important missions to obtain either masseuses for the lads or sheet metal workers for the genius. However, friendly toots of the horn will earn you a smile and a wave (and angry toots of the horns will earn you a beat down behind the Chevron). See you all in the desert, where we will have either BUCKEYE STEW or DUCK a L'FIESTA for New Year's Day After Dinner!!


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