Saturday, December 10, 2005

HOLY COW!! They're onto us!!

I finally slipped into a deep, deep state of unconsciousness last night, with some help, after worrying about possible rising unemployment rates, instability in the Far East, and Fruit Loops' decision to reduce its sugar content by 25%, when, all of a sudden, I was rousted by three big NSA guys, blindfolded, hogtied, and carried off to a nondescript white van, where I was drugged and taken to an undisclosed location.

I regained my senses, strapped to a stainless steel back board, a bright dentists' flouresent light blazing into my eye. From behind me, a familiar disembodied voice pelted me with the same old questions, as had happened dozens of times before .... "How long have you been a member of the Wobblies??" "Where are you getting your dead-on balls accurrate information about the Fitzgerald investigation??" "Where are the detonators??" "How did you get Sparty's home number??" "Who is your velvet supplier??" etc. etc. etc.

But then came a new voice, kind of whiney, kind of desperate. I could swear it was Lllloyd Carrrr. New questions. A sense of fear from the speaker .... "How do you know about Choo Choo Charlie??" "Who designed him??" "Who wrote the code??" "Can he be replicated??"

As per ususal, I was too tough for their tricks, or their torture, and revealed nothing but misinformation and deception. But it is clear to me that the college football world is onto Choo Choo CHarlie, the Robot Genius, and will now do ANYTHING to either try to steal his secret code and hardware specs, or else, they will try to destroy him. It also appears that this secure, encrypted website might have a wormhole flaw. I thought I had patched the NSA intrusion, but it looks like we might have to go back to CODE BLUE.



At 6:28 PM , Anonymous Tyler Durden said...

The first rule of Code Blue is do not talk about Code Blue.


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