Friday, December 30, 2005

More Dumbness wafting out of Ohio.

Wow. Ohio is a REALLY dumb state, and it looks like most of the dumbness is centered in and around Columbus. Some evidence.

  1. Look at Ohio professional sports team names. Is there a state, other than Ohio, who's sports fan populace is SO DUMB that they must include advisements on the appropriate colors to wear to support the team - IN THE TEAM NAME?? For gosh sakes. The Browns. The Reds. Most recently, the Ohio powers that be not only felt it necessary to remind dumb Ohioans what color to wear to support their local hockey team, but also to remind them that if it's hockey season, it's probably cold, so the dumb fans needed to be told not only what color wear, but also what sort of outerwear was appropriate to avoid potential frostbite, thus the name Columbus Blue Jackets was born. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. There is one team name I do approve of, though. The Arena Football League Columbus Destroyers. I wish fans would follow through on that one.
  2. Look at the name of the state capital city. Columbus. NEWS FLASH to you Ohio Dummies ... Christopher Columbus DID NOT LAND ANYWHERE NEAR OHIO!!
  3. Fully 50% of all assassinated US Presidents were born in Ohio (one killed by a Michigan man, no less).
  4. The Ohio state beverage is tomato juice (now we know the inspiration for the DUMMIES in the old V-8 commercials).
  5. The state name was intentionally formed to make it easy to spell, using only syllables that the then-government felt confident the populace could pronounce properly (although the state was originally going to be named "Moohio", the founders feared the extra consonant would cause too much grief and consternation among the populace, so they stuck with the easy to remember, only two sounds, one repeated twice, O-Hi-O.
I could go on, as evidence of Ohio dumbness abounds. But enough about them. Perhaps the Robot Genius will undertake a massive re-education initiative after the thorough dismantling the Irish lay upon the ChuckPies.


At 7:38 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohio State 34
Notre Dame 20

nuff said


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